I have been told I have a niche for designing, organizing and facilitating events.  I find party planning to be therapeutic in every way from coordinating the food and dessert menus, crafting tablescape décor, to setting up the buffet table. I thoroughly enjoy every part of the creative process.

I’ll always remember the time I was pregnant with my second child.  I was up late one night, making top hats for my first daughter’s Alice in Wonderland party when I realized that party planning may not be just a hobby.  She was turning seven at the time, her last birthday as an only child.  I wanted that day to be special for her.  It was during those late nights that I knew this is my passion; it truly is what I love to do!  However, I was reluctant to give up my career and stable income to do this full time.  Meanwhile, I named my grassroots business JEM Events after my girls Jordyn and Emily.

By the time Emmy turned one, I “retired” and was free to do as I please… or so I thought. I forgot how much work it was to be a stay at home mom! There was no time for anything let alone start a business. Knowing that I would eventually return back to work, I savored spending quality time with my kids, baking, and traveling. After nearly a year and a half, a recruiter contacted me out of the blue and next thing you know I am back in Corporate America.

Upon returning to work, I planned a shower for a dear friend, shared some photos online and just like that, JEM’s first hired event was booked.  So here we are today, juggling work and family full time while growing the business.  I’m thrilled that everything suddenly fell into place and am truly grateful for my amazing family, friends, and clients who support JEM and allowed me the opportunity to pursue my passion.  It means more than you know. Thank you so much!  I look forward to the opportunity of collaborating with you to provide an event that will touch your heart. ❤



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