Game of Thrones

Halloween was here.  My favorite time of the year!  We celebrated back in medieval times with the ladies and lords from Game of Thrones.  Oh what fun it was!

King’s Landing inspired tablescape

Called on Cinderella for some help with the baking ❤️

Handcrafted mini throne and dragon eggs

Dessert line up: creme brûlée,  fruit tarts, lemon bars, red velvet cupcakes…

chocolate chip/ oatmeal cookies, chocolate croissants and strawberry parfaits

Jon Snow setting up

Winter is coming!

Buffet spread by “the Wall”.  Guests feasted on: shrimp diavolo, ground pork + mushroom ravioli, beef fajita street tacos, nachos, bbq ribs, pulled pork sliders, creamed corn, cole slaw, potato salad, macaroni noodle soup and more!

Every dish was home cooked and so delicious!

House Hoang ready for battle!

Arya from Braavos and a peasant girl named Cinderella

Jon Snow.. who wore him better?

Arya vs. Arya aka Girl with no name

img_2752Little lady Sansa and her maiden, Cindy

Toddler Tyrian!

Lady Lyanna Mormont came to slayyy
Willy Wonka and his family (someone overlooked the GOT memo, lol)

Dany and her baby 🐉

Lego ninjas!

Ygritte, Girl with no name, Missendei and Melisandre

Grandma  Brie and her mom

She won’t leggo her Eggo

 Jon meets Daenerys 🤗

cdDaenerys + Dragon Tyson

the-hoangsQueen Cersei, Ghost, Mini Khaleesi and another Jon sporting his lovely fur tree skirt.  LOL

the-kimsCreepy Whitewalker, hungry Dragon, Ghost and a sleepy mini Jon

Off with Drogos head!

Off with his head again!

Snow, Khaleesi and dead Ned Stark 😂

Eleven from Stranger Things and Snow White

Drogo’s facial hair on fleek!

Jon ❤ Ygritte

Scary clown and his fambamWho are these mystery ladies

 My sword’s bigger than theirs

Night’s watch

Chop chop

Ygritte +  Jon w/ Robb’s wolf, Greywind


Surviving Stark siblings + Ghost

img_3028WESTeros in da house!

joffreyKing Joffrey got that inbred look down. loll  Just kidding honey!

Cutest oomp ever!
How dare you not dress up.. off with your head too!

No one’s scared of this Ghost.  She’s too cute!

Khaleesi, baby Oompa Loompa and a hottie Nerd(s)

Best creative costumes! #thatdab

img_3512King Joffrey ❤️ Jon


The maiden with her other lady Sansa, the Barratheon brothers, lego ninja

 Willy found the BBQ 🍗

Dead Ned cracks me up! 😹😻😻


 Game of Thrones theme would not be complete without our noble guests.  As always, thank you guys for partaking in my Halloween craze!   Come dressed again next year! 😘

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