Pow Wow

The latest request was a teepee themed birthday to celebrate baby Raku.  Event was held at Tiny’s No 5.  A charming little restaurant nestled in West U.  Absolutely love this place.  The space is gorgeous and the friendly staff was a pleasure to work with. New client, Cassie was referred to JEM by an old friend.  She pulled out all the stops to celebrate her son’s first year, we were grateful to be a part of it.  Special thanks to photographer, Anthony from Composure Studios for sharing his photos from the event.


Baby Chief Raku. He’s adorbs!

 How you like them logs?  Cassie requested a campfire setting with wooden logs for seating.  I thought, easy peasy.. I can order some online.  Um, no.  Not only are they hard to find, super expensive but also extremely heavy.  Not practical at all.  After several google searches, I came across these wooden log planters from Target.com that were lightweight and easy to transport.  Just flip them over and voila, wooden stools! Genius, right? 😜 Shoutout to my good buddy Hung, he provided real fire wood logs for the faux campfire fresh from his farm.  JEM has connections everywhere, lol.IMG_5271

DIY tribal tattoo station.


Arts and crafts station for teepee decorating. 😍😍😍

 Handcrafted teepees by JEM.  Out of consideration for Tiny’s nice furniture, messy free washi tape were provided for the kiddos to decorate with.  Hope they enjoyed that.


Would have loved to design a full blown dessert bar for this theme, however no outside food is permitted.  Both cakes were made in house by Tiny’s pastry chefs.                                       A1C_2634

Love this mini replica of the main teepee; custom made by my dear cousin, Lo from LA.  Thanks cuzzie!                     IMG_5275

Smash cake topper from Etsy.  Personalized sign handcrafted by JEM.venue

Looks like everyone had a good time!


Tiny tots sporting feather headbands made by JEM.  Thanks mom!A1C_3727

Oh how cute are they! A1C_2592

Sometimes less is more.  The space is so nicely decorated we left it as is, keeping decor simple with framed pictures of birthday boy provided by his mama. ❤️


Catering by Tinys.  Yums.



The chocolate chip cookies are a must.


Thank you, Ghaffars for allowing JEM to be a part of Raku’s special milestone.  xx

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