Tory Rose

A special fall shower for my dear cousin/ bestie, Mindy.  An event we had been looking forward to hosting for years but as business started picking up, we only had a week to plan. Mama to be requested a purple fall theme and a rustic cake.  To make things more challenging, the baker cancelled the cake order on us the week of the party.. eek!  Unable to find another baker in time, I decided to home bake with the help of some gfs.  Special thanks to Nancy and Phuong aka JEM team. Absolutely loved the tablescape as did mama!


Beautiful mama and goofy daddy. lol.  Love them!


I could stare at this all day. hehe


Sweet creds:  Mini celebrity cupcakes, pie pops by my gf Nancy, macarons by Macaron Melange, random elephant cookies by JEM (leftover cookies from another event order the same week) and the sparkly caramel apples looked better than they tasted, unfortunately.  =(


Searched everywhere for pretty lettered stencils to no avail.  Handcrafted our own stencils then painted on burlap to make this custom bunting banner.  Love love love the name! Mama was warned #toryrose would start trending. 😊IMG_2157

My cutie Jojo.


Here she is… meet Tory Rose Kim!  She is as sweet as she looks.  Love her to pieces!!!!!

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